Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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This group event is geared toward parents of prospective students in grades 1–12. Visit and see how The Ellis School prepares, empowers, and inspires each and every girl through an excellent education in an all-girls environment. See more of the campus, learn about our top-notch STEM programs and our excellence in the liberal arts, and discover how Ellis can enhance your daughter’s academic and personal growth.

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History Students To Join National Women’s Suffrage Project

Grade 11 students in the Survey of American History course are joining high schools nationwide for a multifaceted project on the women’s suffrage movement called Women Leading the Way. Inspired by a painting by Mireille Miller, Women Leading the Way is rooted in historical research on suffragists and integrates the arts, history, and English into one cumulative presentation.
Students will select an American suffragist featured in the Mireille Miller painting, write a biographical essay of her life, create a portrait and art reflection, and research their own family connections to the suffragist movement. Designed to amplify the voices of the women who bravely fought for the right to vote, the project will also complement Ellis’ units on women’s suffrage in both the Survey of American History and Gender and Power courses.

“In order to be active citizens, students need to first and foremost have historical knowledge,” said Dr. Susan Corbesero, History Department Chair. “By studying those who fought for women’s rights in the past, the girls will have the knowledge to advocate for themselves and women’s rights today. It’s an inspirational and active project that positions girls to make positive change in whatever field they go into.”

Once completed, the projects will be included within a national online exhibition and the top 100 will be featured in a National Community Poster Exhibition in New York City.