A New Look for the Ellis Middle School

The next project in our continuing efforts to improve our beautiful campus is updating all of the common spaces—the entryway, student lounges, display spaces, locker areas, and connecting hallways—in the Ellis Middle School.
The Middle School operates in one of Ellis' oldest buildings, and although the classrooms and science labs have been recently renovated, the common areas have not been updated since the 1970s. Middle School students spend a great deal of time in these spaces—gathering with peers, accessing materials from their lockers, moving between classes, and displaying their work. How these spaces function and look has a big impact on how it feels to current students—and prospective new student visitors—to be at Ellis.
Construction will begin in early June 2024, to be completed before school starts in the fall of 2024. Thanks to the generosity of a number of individual parents, faculty, staff, alumnae, parents of alumnae, and trustees, we have received significant commitments towards the $608,000 cost of the renovation. As we work together to get this crucial project across the finish line, we hope you will join them by making an end-of-year donation toward this endeavor through the form below.