Meet Zoi

Grade 11

Fashion designer.
Sports devotee.
Uplifting entrepreneur.

She wears her heart on her sleeve.

After discovering her knack for screen printing as a seventh grader, Zoi turned her passion for fashion into an established clothing brand that she built from the ground up. Her attention-catching pieces promote purpose and positivity, and thanks to support from her community, business is booming.
Whether she’s writing her latest English essay, leading a campus tour for prospective students, or lending a hand courtside as the basketball team’s manager, Zoi brings a bright smile and high energy to all of her pursuits.

How Zoi discovered her passions at Ellis

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  • On building her business:

    "I grew an interest in vinyl at Ellis. I took Maker Shop in seventh grade, and then I bought a Cricut, and the summer before ninth grade I started my first clothing line, a brand called Intentional. I had the tools and ideas, and I’d always wanted to do it. I dropped my first collection of hoodies and published my website—and it’s been growing ever since! We’re about to launch crewnecks and long-sleeve shirts, and then over the summer we’ll have short-sleeve shirts and shorts.”
  • The story behind her slogan:

    "I chose the name ‘Intentional’ because of my mom. She always says, 'Have a good day. Make good choices. Be intentional.’ It’s something she tells me every day.”
  • What makes Ellis special:

    "I think the community here is literally the best thing ever. Everybody is so welcoming, and we’re always up for a challenge. It’s also really amazing to see women everywhere, girls everywhere. There’s this connection that you have with everybody; we’re all similar in some sort of way. When I’m down, my friends are the best people to talk to, and the teachers are really awesome, too. I’ve grown such strong relationships here.”
  • For the love of the game:

    "I love basketball. I used to play, but now I enjoy watching it as the team manager. My most favorite time of year is basketball season, because I’m able to be at all the games and be with the team. It’s such a good environment.”
  • How she uses her voice:

    To share her ideas with her classmates, and the world. "I’m not afraid to speak out on something. At Ellis, everybody is sharing opinions, everybody has their own ideas, and you just join in. It makes me feel more confident in what I’m talking about. If I’m passionate, why should I be quiet?”
  • On confidence:

    "Ellis has definitely made me feel more confident in literally every way—in my learning, in my ideas. When I think, 'this is a little bit of a dream,’ they say, ‘no, it’s not a dream; it could happen if you want it to happen.’ I feel like that’s probably why I got the courage to even start up my brand, because I put being intentional and being confident together to really make it something.”
  • Something she has learned about herself:

    Who she is as a learner. "Ellis has helped me figure out new ways of learning and who I am, learning-wise. I know I’m a visual learner. I have to write things down. I know I like working by myself, but I also like working with groups because we can share ideas and bounce things off each other.”
  • Envisioning life after Ellis:

    "Having my own business has given me new ideas about business and entrepreneurship. But I’ve also always wanted to be a doctor. I want to be either a pediatric surgeon or a doctor for NFL or NBA teams, because I really enjoy sports and would like to stay with it.”

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