Meet Tegan

Grade 12

All-American athlete.
Academic powerhouse.
Consummate teammate.

No one hustles harder.

For senior Tegan, field hockey is more than just a sport—it’s a way of life. A dominant midfielder and fearless team captain who has broken every scoring record at Ellis, Tegan’s athleticism has earned her local and national accolades, including a spot on the Junior Olympic Team and a Division 1 scholarship.

Her fierce focus and drive carry over to the classroom as well; this scholar-athlete is an intellectually engaged and accomplished student who plans to study health and rehabilitation sciences in college. Powered by her unrelenting hustle and heart, no goal is out of Tegan’s reach.

How Tegan leveled up her tenacity at Ellis

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  • A focus on field hockey:

    Tegan plays field hockey for Ellis and for one of the top-ranked club teams in the country, the WC Eagles. “I love field hockey because it’s a mental game, it’s a physical game, and it’s a tactical game. There are so many things I’ve learned from field hockey that help me outside of the sport. I’ve learned how to be disciplined, how to get better at something, and how to manage my time.”
  • Finding solace in the arts:

    “Photography has been my creative outlet in Upper School. I started it my freshman year and I never would have anticipated that I would have gone on to do an independent study last year. I’m really happy that I have that skill set now. It was really fun to explore something outside of traditional academics and athletics.”
  • What she’s good at:

    Balancing her interests and committing fully to them. “I engage myself in a lot of different things and I push myself to do well in them. I’m good at balancing things that are important to me.”
  • Favorite subject:

    It’s a tie between AP Biology and AP Calculus. “I like that in biology I can apply what I’m learning to the world around me and do hands-on experiments. I like AP Calc because it’s straightforward. People might take different routes to get to the solution, but I like that there’s no in-between.”
  • On her horizon:

    Playing field hockey and studying health and rehabilitation sciences at Boston University. “I’ve been considering the pre-med track, but I’m also really interested in biochemistry. As for field hockey, I’m really excited to make an impact on my new team right away. I want to help the team be successful and win a Patriot League championship.”
  • How she’s grown at Ellis:

    “I’ve become more independent and confident in myself. I have the confidence now to figure things out on my own because I know someone won’t always be there to hold my hand. I’ve learned to do what is best for myself without fear of judgment.”
  • Hustle and heart:

    While she’s played on numerous teams, her time on the field as an Ellis Tiger stands out the most. “Our team was so close—I’ve never experienced that kind of closeness outside of Ellis. It was a different type of field hockey experience because of the team culture and community.”

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