Meet Scarlett

Grade 2

Voracious reader.
Creative writer.
Nimble leader.

Her imagination takes her everywhere.

After reading books like the Little House and Harry Potter series, second grader Scarlett now shares her love for adventures and magic with others.

At Ellis, she leads meetings for the Harry Potter Fan Club, which her group rebranded as Dumbledore’s Extra Extreme Army to attract more members. Next, she and her friends are starting a new club to make blankets out of objects found in nature. But this year, she’s most excited about writing a book, already drawing her closer to her dream job.

Here's how Scarlett's passion started at Ellis

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  • How she wants to change the world:

    She wants to use her voice as an artist/rockstar/author. She’s already off to a great start by penning the opening scene of her book, Nora and Willow Wood, in gripping detail: “It’s about a girl named Nora and her two brothers, Charlie and John. And they got separated from their family, and their parents died, so they’re living in the woods. And Nora suddenly sees a light in the woods. She doesn't know what it is. But she’s trying to hide from people because she doesn’t want to go back to the village where she lived, because it gives her too many memories of her mother and father. She doesn’t know what the light is, so she gets close to it — and then the light disappears.”
  • Campus connections:

    Everywhere Scarlett goes on campus, she makes friends. “What I like about Ellis is it’s like a family. Everyone’s friends.” On the bus, she met Lucia, a fifth grader, who is now Scarlett’s role model because she’s “friendly” and takes her under her wing.
  • Coolest thing she learned in first grade:

    How to tell time. “Now it’s really easy for me to know what time I have to go to sleep. Because the year before, I was just literally reading all night.”
  • Favorite place to go:

    The library. “I love, love, love, love, love to read books. I usually get two books from the library and then have a giant stack of books from home.”
  • Looking forward to:

    Digging deeper into both math and history. “I read a book called The Red Pyramid that got me interested in history. It’s about history but also about Egyptian gods and goddesses.”

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