Meet Roxie

Grade 4

History buff.
Future archaeologist.
Most valuable team player.

Her adventure waits for no one.

For fourth grader Roxie, searching for buried treasure isn’t something that only happens in movies. This pint-sized problem solver finds adventure in the everyday. Roxie’s first thrill of the find came in third grade during their annual archaeological dig. Among the dirt and dust, Roxie uncovered her dream of becoming an archeologist herself.
Now, Roxie approaches every problem as an opportunity to learn from the past and work with others to unearth something new. Watch out, Indiana Jones, it’s Roxie’s turn to make history.

Get an inside look at Roxie’s escapades at Ellis

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  • How she builds confidence:

    By pushing her boundaries, like overcoming some nerves to narrate the third grade play as Benjamin Franklin. “I told myself before the play, you can do this, you are going to be alright! I loved that the play was about history and all of the songs we sang. Our whole class came together and made such a beautiful play. Before I wanted to be an archaeologist, I wanted to be a singer or a play director. I know I could still go on with that dream at some point, so I definitely want to keep doing plays.”
  • How her teachers make learning fun:

    Through hands-on group projects in Ms. Ceurvorst’s art studio. “We did a circus project as a group in art class and I created the wire figures. There was a trampoline, and I made a wire figure doing a handstand on the balance beam. It was so cool. Then the whole class painted the floor of the circus tent ombré and added stars. I like working on teams. Other people’s ideas can bring something together that is even greater than what you could have thought of on your own.”
  • Campus connections:

    After Roxie’s classmate told her about her older sister’s experience on the Ellis crew team, Roxie decided she wanted to try rowing, too. “I’m a newbie so I just got off the dock. Next time, I’ll be in a double and hopefully on the water. It’s important to try new things, no matter how old you are, no matter how smart you are.”
  • Favorite project she’s done at Ellis:

    The egg drop challenge in Ms. Mechling’s STEM class where she had to design a contraption to protect a raw egg from a high fall. “I wrapped mine in lettuce and duct tape at first. Then I tried adding straws and rubber bands. It cracked because I needed to add more tape. It was fun because I had to think about what other creative elements I could add without breaking the egg.”
  • How she wants to change the world:

    Learning from the past to discover new things as an archaeologist. “I like hearing about the past and different things people did. Sometimes, I really want to go back to 1776. In the future, I will be traveling around the world and hopefully finding new treasures to tell people about.”
  • Looking forward to:

    Joining the choir and swim team in the Middle School next year. “I love to sing; I’m a member of the Pittsburgh Girls Choir. I’m also a synchronized swimmer and have been swimming for most of my life.”
  • The best part of her school day:

    “When I come into school and see all my friends. I get so excited for what the day will bring—there’s so much to learn. There’s always someone to talk to and something to do.”
  • What she’s learned about herself at Ellis:

    “I’ve learned to be more persistent. With the egg drop challenge, I had to try again even after the egg exploded. I had to be persistent with practicing my lines when I played Benjamin Franklin. I had to keep trying until I learned them.”

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