Meet Rowan

Grade 10

Learned linguist.
Humble philomath.
Brilliant bibliophile.

Her quest for knowledge never stops.

Rowan’s appetite for learning is insatiable. Whether she’s at school solving polynomial equations in precalculus or at home reading weighty Donna Tartt novels, this academic powerhouse may be humble in demeanor, but never in intellectual pursuits.
Calm and collected, Rowan doesn’t shy away from a challenge—that’s why she’s taking two languages at Ellis, Latin and Spanish, and teaching herself Greek on the side. For this Latin scholar, “Carpe Diem” isn’t just a phrase—it’s a philosophy she applies to her studies, fearlessly seizing every learning opportunity that comes her way.

How Rowan boosts her brainpower at Ellis

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  • A passion for problem-solving:

    “I like to make inferences about things and apply what I know to different subjects and situations. I’ve found that what I learn in math is really applicable to Latin as well. With math, there are steps you have to follow in order to solve an equation. In Latin, when you’re translating a sentence, there are also steps that you have to follow. You have to look for your verb first, figure out what tense it’s in, and then reason your way through it.”
  • Favorite subject:

    “My favorite class is Latin. I’m a huge nerd for Latin grammar. Learning about all the tenses and noun endings is really cool—I have a favorite tense and everything. I think finding new ways to express yourself through language is really interesting. I love how logical Latin is and the different rules you have to follow.”
  • Her favorite spot on campus:

    The library. “I like to go and sit in between the stacks of bookshelves. I do my homework there and it feels so comforting to be surrounded by all of the books. Whenever I can, I read for fun. I’m going to start The Little Friend by Donna Tartt soon. I love her writing style; her descriptions are so rich.”
  • How her language teachers make learning fun:

    “In both Latin and Spanish, we learn a lot about history and culture as well as the language. I like how we learn Latin in context in addition to the grammar and vocabulary.”
  • On her horizon:

    College, and eventually earning her Ph.D. in Classics. “I want to study Classics and become fluent in Latin and Greek. I’d love to be a professor one day and teach.”
  • A project that’s changed her mind about something:

    A personal narrative she wrote in response to Pride and Prejudice. “I couldn’t decide what to write about, but then I thought of this one character that made an impression on me, one I didn’t like, Lydia Bennet. I began by writing about why I didn’t like her, but then I realized we were more similar than I thought. In the end, it was an opportunity to reflect on the character and on myself."
  • A skill she’s learned at Ellis:

    Time management. “My time management skills help me be diligent about my schoolwork. Being able to stay organized and on top of things has been really useful. I’ve learned to do a little bit each day, and when to rest and when to work.”

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