Meet Lizzie

Grade 7

Youth activist.
Soulful songwriter.
Future anesthesiologist.

She’s marching to her own beat.

For seventh grader Lizzie, championing a cause doesn’t come with an age requirement. A dedicated youth activist, Lizzie is lending her voice to the Black Lives Matter movement to ensure a more equitable world for everyone.

When she’s not building a better future, Lizzie can be found writing lyrics on Post-it notes between classes and listening to hip-hop legends through her headphones. As someone who chooses her words carefully in both her original songs and in life, her vision that “We Stand Together” is also her rallying call.

Learn how Lizzie found her voice at Ellis

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  • How she’s using her voice:

    By speaking about racial justice with her classmates and teachers. After a book her class was reading broached the subject of police brutality, Lizzie and a few of her friends wanted to keep the constructive conversation going after the initial discussion. 

    “We decided to make a ‘We Stand Together’ poster to raise awareness and let people know that we’re standing together through this time. The poster has three raised fists in different shades and the background has the names of everyone in America who has been killed by police since 1969.”
  • Her favorite subject:

    “I like math because it always makes sense. It’s reliable. My favorite feeling is when I’m doing a math problem and I get sucked in until I solve it.”
  • A mind filled with music:

    “My love of rap and hip-hop started with my Dad. I love listening to music and I write songs, too. For some reason, lyrics and songs always come to me during school. I write them down between classes. I have a notebook that I keep all of my songs in—I just wrote one called ‘Chance.'"
  • What she likes most about Ellis:

    “At Ellis, there’s a big sense of community and togetherness because everyone tries their best. You never feel othered. It’s a very welcoming environment.”
  • What she wants to be when she grows up:

    “I want to be an anesthesiologist and help people. You get to work with chemicals to manipulate the body, and I think it’s really cool that doctors get to do that.”
  • How she incorporates her passion into her schoolwork:

    By finding opportunities to draw connections to the music industry whenever she can. “Whenever we had to compare a building to the parts of a cell in science class, I chose to do a record studio. I modeled it after Death Row Records and named mine South Side Records.”
  • How she’s shaking the world:

    “I am focused on the Black Lives Matter movement and marching and protesting. That means the most to me and to the future. I know racism won’t stop anytime soon if people don’t change their minds and opinions.”

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