Meet Kalie

Grade 9

Observant artist.
Sketchbook scribe.
Anime aficionado.

They find inspiration in animation.

Being true to oneself can be a challenge at any age, but Kalie is doing so without reservation. A freethinker who is always armed with their trusty sketchbook, Kalie documents their thoughts, experiences, and surroundings through impressive Anime-inspired drawings and doodles.
Drawn to assignments that allow room for creativity, Kalie’s thoughtful approach to their studies is evident in everything from their English class essays to their studio artworks.

How Kalie sketches beyond the page at Ellis

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  • At the drawing board:

    “I’m constantly drawing and doodling. I carry my sketchbook everywhere, and I’m always going through them. I draw in Anime-style, and right now I’m working on making my art feel more realistic while staying true to that style.”
  • Campus connections:

    New to Ellis this year, Kalie has enjoyed meeting members of the tight-knit Upper School community. “It’s really nice because you get to know people in different grades here. Coming from a public school, the smaller class sizes make a difference. I like that you get to know everyone in your class.”
  • Favorite subject:

    “I really like English class. Our teacher suggested we read Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie over winter break. I read it and really enjoyed that. Most of the books I read tend to be fantasy and fiction books, so it was something different.”
  • How they're expanding their creative portfolio:

    “I’m taking Studio Art as an elective. We’re working on a self-portrait painting project. The goal is to show how COVID-19 has affected us this school year. I’m trying to figure out how to effectively display all of my feelings on one canvas.”
  • On trying new things:

    “I’m in Script Reading Club this year. It’s really fun—we pick a random script and just go for it. We’re always laughing. We just finished reading the script for the movie Mean Girls. We’ve read movies and plays, and we’re planning on reading a musical soon.”
  • Where they find inspiration:

    “I watch a lot of Anime. It’s animated art so as an artist, it’s really cool to use it as a reference for my drawings. I watch it from an artist’s perspective to improve my own work.”

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