Meet Julia


Curious cook.
Enthusiastic mathematician.
Kid comedian.

Her appetite for adventure is insatiable.

For kindergartener Julia, a little mess means a lot of fun. From molding culinary-inspired clay creations in the art studio to whipping up her signature banana bread in the family kitchen, Julia digs into every delicious adventure with gusto and glee. 

Her enthusiasm spills over into the school day too—she loves to learn and is currently mastering counting by fives. With a dash of creativity and a scoop of good humor, Julia’s hunger for new experiences is clear, no matter what she’s cooking up.

A taste of what Julia's up to at Ellis

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  • Favorite subject:

    Art. “I love clay. I like that I can mold it in multiple shapes. I’ve made an ice cream cone and a pizza. I like to get messy!”
  • Favorite thing she’s learned this year:

    How to count by fives. “I can count to 100 in fives now! I love learning how to count. Our teachers teach us different tricks about math, like how we can use our fingers when counting by fives.”
  • How her teachers make learning fun:

    Through fun games like number dancing. “Number dancing is basically a dance party, but when you freeze you have to go to the number on the floor that the teacher calls out.”
  • What she likes most about herself:

    “I’m funny and I make people laugh. I like to tell jokes.”
  • What she’s passionate about:

    Cooking. “I like to cook banana bread, and I really want to make sugar cookies next! I’ve made scrambled eggs and fried eggs a bunch of times, too. I like cutting things and tasting them. My mom even got me my own special apron for cooking.”

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