Meet Ilona

Grade 10

Field hockey captain.
Practiced programmer.
Acoustic guitarist.

Hustle and heart set her apart.

Tenth grader Ilona is always ready to provide an assist. Whether it’s on the field or in study hall, Ilona’s willingness to lend a helping hand is evident to her teammates and classmates. A captain on the Varsity Field Hockey team, Illona is coaching the next generation of athletes at Ellis—she even started a skill-building clinic for middle schoolers to introduce them to the sport.

Working hard comes naturally to this Ellis lifer. When she’s not practicing her passing and positioning, she’s challenging herself in AP Computer Science and mastering new songs on the acoustic guitar.

How Ilona exercises her leadership skills at Ellis

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  • Favorite subject:

    Computer science. “I never thought I would take AP Computer Science, so it was really surprising to fall in love with it. I want to continue learning more about it. I like working with computers and figuring things out. It’s like solving a puzzle or building your own.”
  • Campus connections:

    Ilona is a member of Ellis’ field hockey and lacrosse teams, and also plays for club travel teams outside of school. "I’m constantly at practice or at a game between field hockey and lacrosse. I play defense on both teams. Taking on leadership roles in athletics comes naturally to me.”
  • Fine-tuning her talents:

    "I started playing acoustic guitar in third grade. I take lessons and play a lot of Taylor Swift and relaxing acoustic stuff when I’m studying and want to take a break. I love music—I sing in the Glee Club too.” 
  • What she loves about Ellis:

    Her friends. “They’re so supportive and fun. If I’m having a bad day, they understand and respect it—and probably bring me a piece of chocolate to cheer me up. They’re always looking out for me.”
  • How she builds her confidence:

    Through sports. "I’ve become more confident in Upper School and a lot of that comes from sports. I’ve learned to use my voice on the field by helping my teammates and making sure everyone is having fun and working hard. It’s higher stakes in high school and my goal is to win a WPIAL championship.”

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