Meet Gabriella

Grade 10

Animal enthusiast.
Expert equestrian.
Motivated mentor.

To help is to follow her heart.

Gabriella’s eyes light up when she mentions her fondness for animals. A devoted pet owner and an equestrian since childhood, her love for her four-legged friends runs deep. In fact, this Ellis sophomore already has her sights set on studying animal behavior and working with a guide dog program to train service dogs. 

Driven to help and connect with others, Gabriella is a dedicated friend, teammate, and mentor who can find the fun in any situation.

How Gabriella has grown at Ellis

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  • Her greatest passion:

    “Animals are my thing. I am very passionate about horseback riding and my pony, Catori. I’ve been into horseback riding since I was nine years old, or maybe even younger. In the summer I go to competitions and the rest of the year I’m practicing and making everything better so I can score well. I really enjoy being around the horses because I’m an animal lover. I also have three dogs, and I would like to rescue more when I am older.”
  • What makes Ellis special:

    “Ellis is special because the classes are so small that you become friends with everyone. Everyone knows you, and everyone gives everyone a chance. Everyone understands what you’re going through because they’re here doing it with you.”
  • Campus activities:

    “I’m involved with basketball all year, and I’m also part of the Gardening Club and the Black Student Union (BSU). I really like basketball and BSU. With basketball I get to connect with my friends outside of school. During breaks and games we laugh and just have fun. And with BSU, it’s nice to have people who really know you and your experiences.”
  • On finding her voice:

    “I think Ellis has really helped me come out of my shell and be more involved. I’m loud when I’m with my friends, but in other scenarios I’m quieter and like to stay back. Ellis has taught me to put myself out there and not be afraid. And if someone judges me for saying something wrong or weird, well, who cares?”
  • Her new student experience:

    “I came to Ellis in seventh grade and was excited to have new friends and start new relationships. I was excited to have a best friend and to be involved in activities. My Big Sister that year, Beverly, did a really good job of introducing me to everyone and making me feel included and part of the class.”
  • How Ellis is preparing her for the future:

    “The teachers are so helpful. They’re all very personable and will talk to you if you need help—or even if you don’t need help and just want to talk. It’s good to learn how to talk to adults and not be scared. I think that’s the best thing they’ve taught me, to not be afraid to go up to someone or ask questions.”
  • Envisioning life after Ellis:

    “I know I want to do something with animals. I want to be on an equestrian team in college, but I don’t want to compete as my full-time job. I think I want to be more on the animal behavior side of things, or follow in my trainer’s footsteps and teach people about animals. I could maybe even go into training service dogs for people, because I’m also very passionate about that. I know at some point in my life I want to work with a guide dog program and get a puppy that I would train to be a guide dog. I follow people on social media who do it, and it looks like so much fun.”

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