Meet Emily

Grade 10

All-around athlete.
Clay creator.
Environmental advocate.

Her options are endless.

Emily may have followed in her sisters’ footsteps to Ellis, but now that she’s a Tiger herself she’s paving her own path. A curious and enthusiastic learner, her eclectic mix of favorite classes includes Latin, physics, and clay, and she’s already looking forward to the academic adventures she might take on next. Outside of the classroom, Emily contributes to Ellis athletics year-round and puts her interest in environmental wellness to work as a member of the Upcycling Club.
With a variety of passions that could lead to a career in anything from architecture to teaching algebra, Emily is sure to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way.

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  • On being a new student:

    "I started at Ellis as a freshman, and I definitely liked how they welcomed all the new students to high school. During orientation, we had a meeting with our teachers and advisors and they split us into our advisory groups—it was like a little preview before school started. My classmates were really nice and made me feel welcome; making new friends made it all 100 times better. And the teachers let you know that you can come talk to them if you have questions about anything.”
  • A sport for every season:

    "I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse for Ellis, but my main sport is definitely soccer. It’s a good way to make friends and meet upperclassmen.”
  • Favorite place on campus:

    The clay studio. "When I get in there, it’s a place to just be calm. I can work on my projects and listen to music if I need alone time. I started working on the wheel in the fall, and it was really fun to be one of the first in my class to learn how to do it.”
  • Who she has looked up to at Ellis:

    "I’d definitely say my sister. When I first came to Ellis she introduced me to a lot of people and told me who all her favorite teachers were. She’s a really smart girl.”
  • Her key to classroom confidence:

    Having solid study skills and a stellar support system. "Studying has really shaped my learning, and has helped me set goals and become more responsible as a person. My teachers and classmates have helped me a lot as well. I’m not afraid to ask questions anymore. I’m not afraid to be wrong.”
  • Something she never thought she’d do:

    Joining Ellis’ student council. "I wasn’t really a part of that kind of stuff at my old school. But my sister said I should try it, and hearing about all the fun things they plan, like Homecoming, I knew it would be fun to help. I was like, 'can I really do this?’ But I did it! I’m a class representative right now, but in the future I plan to run for president.”
  • On Ellis’ academic program:

    "There are a lot of opportunities at Ellis. When you first get here, it really just jumps out at you. Like, wow—there’s Latin, there’s clay, there are so many things and so many classes you can take. I took physics last year, but I want to take AP Physics when I’m a senior.”
  • Her advice for incoming students:

    "Relax! There are so many supportive people here—the teachers, the students, everyone. I’m shy when I first meet people, but so many girls in my class came up to me and talked to me on my first day of school.”

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