Meet Emerie

Grade 3

Suspenseful storyteller.
Graceful dancer.
Contemporary artist.

She's putting her own spin on things.

A faithful friend and enthusiastic writer, the only time Emerie leaves her pals hanging is when she leaves yet another one of her now-infamous original stories on a cliffhanger. Powered by her playful imagination, this third grader expresses herself on the page as a storyteller, on the stage as a ballet and tap dancer, and in the studio as a contemporary artist.

Enlivened by new experiences inside and outside of the classroom, Emerie’s desire to find and create joy wherever she goes leaves an indelible impression on everyone she meets.

How Emerie is dancing her way through Ellis

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  • A project that made an impact:

    The second grade class play about influential women throughout history. “I played Ruby Bridges. I learned from her that you can’t look at a person and know if they’re bad or good; you have to get to know them first.”
  • How she expresses herself:

    By getting creative in art class. “I love art class because you can express yourself on paper. We learn different hand motions for every new artist we learn about. Right now, we’re learning about Alexander Calder and he used wires, so you twist your hand for him. He loved the circus, too. We’re working on creating a big circus in class. We’re all making little bits and putting them together—I’m working on the dunk tank.”
  • How she’s finding her voice:

    Through imaginative storytelling. “I like to write my own stories—I always leave them on a cliffhanger! Right now, I’m writing a story about a girl named Nico who turns into a mermaid. My friends say I’m crazy to be leaving all of my stories on cliffhangers. When I share them, they say ‘why would you do that?!’ But I always tell them, just’s to be continued.”
  • What she likes to do for fun:

    Dance. “At Ellis, we have a whole group that does dance. There are some moves from ballet and jazz. I do ballet, tap, and jazz outside of school. I like dancing along to the rhythm of the beat. I love music and singing, too!”
  • Why she loves Ellis:

    “I like going to Ellis because it feels so homey. I love all my friends and that they’re all different and unique!”
  • How she wants to change the world:

    “One small kid can make a difference—and I think that’s me. I care about the planet. We all have to live on Earth. We can try to not pollute as much, walk to school, and not use plastic bags. I want to help everyone make changes.”

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