Meet Annelise

Grade 11

One-day doctor.
Pre-med club leader.
Teen board member.

Her passion stems from the sciences.

While some kids may grow out of playing doctor, Annelise traded in her plastic stethoscope for a medical-grade one long ago. Now a junior thinking ahead to college and career, Annelise is ready for a taste of her own medicine and is working toward her goal of getting an M.D.

At Ellis, her schedule is stacked with three advanced STEM courses and Pre-med Club meetings, and this summer she’s joining the University of Pittsburgh’s Health Career Scholars Academy to get her one step closer to her white coat ceremony. Move over Meredith Grey, (the future) Dr. Hammer is on her way.

How Ellis drives Annelise's determination

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  • Campus connections:

    As co-president of the Pre-med Club, Annelise organized meetings featuring female healthcare professionals so the club can learn about different medical careers. “We’ve had everyone from doctors and nurses to physician assistants join our meetings this year. It’s so interesting to hear how they balance their responsibilities and learn how they got started in their respective fields.”
  • Favorite subject:

    “I love the sciences. This year, I’m taking AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, and Biology. I really enjoy doing labs and solving problems. My dad is a neurologist so I’ve always been interested in medicine.”
  • How she’s built her confidence:

    By trying new things and not being afraid of failure. “I’ve become more confident and independent at Ellis. I have a positive attitude and always look for new opportunities. I like to be spontaneous and learn as much as I can in every situation.”
  • How she wants to shake the world:

    “I’ve always dreamed of making a medical breakthrough in my life. I love solving puzzles—when I watch Grey’s Anatomy, I try to figure out what’s wrong with the patient before they say it. I’d love to achieve something big like that in my life.”
  • On her horizon:

    Participating in the University of Pittsburgh Health Careers Scholar Academy (UPHCSA), a program where students do an in-depth investigation of one area of medicine over the course of a month. “I decided to apply because it sounded like a blast for me as someone who loves science and medicine. I know that this will be a great learning opportunity, and hopefully it will help me in the future with my further education.”
  • Passion project:

    “I’m on the teen board for the Friendship Circle, and I always try to find ways to share what I learn in school in the events and programs we plan. I'm on the Cooking Club committee, so whenever I lead baking demonstrations, I make sure to find ways to integrate science into them.”

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