From the Director of Advancement and Alumnae Engagement

The Ellis Magazine has long been a wonderful way to capture the excitement and success of the most recent school year, and this edition is no different. The theme for this year’s magazine reflects one of Ellis’ four pillars—Positive Community Members—and highlights the ways in which Ellis students, parents, and alumnae are changemakers not only at Ellis, but also in their neighborhoods, their cities, their social circles, and in their professions.
New with the Fall 2023 magazine is the incorporation of a more robust alumnae voice, with feature stories that highlight the wonderful outcomes of Ellis girls who grew into changemaking women. The alumnae featured in this section reflect the many ways in which Ellis continues to influence their perspectives, their personal and professional drive, and their desire to build up the people and communities around them. 

From images of campus life to lifting up the Class of 2023—our newest alumnae—and cherishing the milestone moments our alumnae have shared with us, from college graduations to starting families and businesses, bravely changing careers, celebrating retirements or planning their 70th Ellis Reunion, life at Ellis is always inspiring. This magazine is the lens through which we reflect our whole community, including our 3,500+ alumnae, and we hope their stories will inspire you to share your own with us. When we tell the whole story of The Ellis School we realize how truly special this school was, is, and always will be. We hope you agree.
    • Director of Advancement and Alumnae Engagement, Claire Devereux