Honoring the Class of 2023

Each of the 38 members of the Class of 2023 has left their own unique and lasting impression on the Ellis school community. A determined and supportive group of changemakers whose genuine love of learning and for each other is palpable in all of their pursuits, they’ve left the School’s classrooms, labs, stage, art studios, and athletic spaces better than they found them.
The class includes outstanding scholars, writers, performers, artists, activists, creators, athletes, and student leaders, and 15 of its members are lifers who have called the Ellis campus home since kindergarten or even earlier. As they embark on their post-Ellis adventures, which include attending 30 distinct higher education institutes across 12 different states, they are bound to brighten any path they take with their knowledge and talents. The Class of 2023 has developed strong roots at Ellis, but they’ve also grown strong wings—and we can’t wait to watch them soar.

Sarah Ali
University of Pittsburgh
Driven, creative, and curious, Sarah knows how to ask all the right questions. She redesigns, iterates, and authentically explores microbiology, pushing the boundaries of research with her passion for scientific investigations.

Katie Anderson
Baldwin Wallace University
Much like one of her heroes, Megan Rapinoe, Katie has strength in her convictions and isn’t afraid to speak up, whether she is in the classroom, in the halls, or on the pitch. A three-sport athlete, team captain, and lifer, Katie leads with authenticity and is undeniably her own person.

Ilona Bender
Bryn Mawr College
A true scholar-athlete, Ilona possesses integrity and a genuine desire to learn, and these traits have led her to success time and time again. On the field or in the classroom, this lifer leads with a clear head and a calm presence, and her optimistic and joyful approach to all of her endeavors has become a hallmark of her Ellis journey.

Grace Boyer
Boston College
From slinging one-liners on stage, to anchoring the alto section in Glee Club, to emceeing community homeroom with humor and charm, Grace is the voice of the Upper School. As a founding member of the Environmental Club, and with a senior project focused on sustainability, her passion for our planet and our school is boundless.

Nora Brown
Gap Year
Eager to sample all that life has to offer, Nora has been found in nearly every corner of campus: playing in the orchestra, leading as a class officer, or offering a listening ear to a friend in need. We know that her kind words and compassionate nature will accompany her as she moves on to her next adventure.

Adah Brownlee
Bard College
Adah is an empathetic soul who cares deeply for her community. Much like her signature lavender tea blend, she brings subtle, calming notes to her circle of friends and is always willing to ask practical and reflective questions that spark discussion.

Cassidy Burns
Temple University
Cassidy is a friend to all who know her. She is reliable and loyal, which is why she represents Ellis so well as a Touring Tiger extraordinaire. Cassidy’s catchphrase, “Got it,” is a testament to her readiness, whether she’s being asked to steer the scull, jump into a hands-on project, or help a friend in need.

Rowan Cain
Yale University
A true Cicero, this lifer is a devoted classicist with eclectic tastes and broad interests. A voracious reader and lover of poetry, Rowan is a genuine renaissance woman: a polymath, polyglot, and autodidact with big ambitions and bigger ideas.

Katriel Camp
University of Maryland
You might find Katriel offering writing support to a younger classmate, leading a Jewish Student Union meeting with poise and compassion, or inviting the entire school to find gratitude in the day-to-day. These are just a few of the ways Katriel has made Ellis a kinder, wiser, and more inclusive space, and it is our great hope that we’ll be able to pick up right where she left off.

Mia Carter
Florida Atlantic University
Whether pushing the gender boundaries of flag football, teaching the next generation of tennis players, or considering the impact of contemporary art, Mia brings enthusiasm, kindness, and authenticity to our community. This mentor strives to improve her own skills as much as she strives to help others, and everyone comes out of her huddle a little bit better than they were before.

Lucy Dabat
Simmons University
Lucy can often be found perched at a library high-top, poring over neuroscience research or marketing a new venture in sustainability. She regularly seeks out problems of existential scale, and she never waits for someone else to get on board. Lucy does the work because she feels it is right and necessary, not because she is being seen.

Abigail Fägersten
Swarthmore College
Athlete, historian, scientist, and theologian, this lifer represents the best of Ellis’ traditions. Everything Abby does lifts up those around her. She is someone with a firm sense of morality and confidence in her beliefs, as well as someone who cares greatly for her friends, family, and community.

Ellie Gaddess
Bucknell University
Feisty on the field and curious in the classroom, Ellie is a true scholar who works with intention and tenacity.  This lifer simply does not give up, which is why she is the student you hope to be working with on the group project, the player you want on your team or in the pit, and the friend who will always be in your corner.

Viola Haggerty
Northeastern University
Like a stone dropped in the ocean, Vi sends ripples in all directions, and we’ve seen the impact of those waves in many places at Ellis. A scholar, musician, graphic designer, and programmer, this lifer can do it all but never boasts, and instead brings exceptional gifts in earnest to any group lucky enough to be on the receiving end.

Esther Henteleff
North Carolina State University
Whether Esty is challenging the male gaze through the reinterpretation of art in her senior thesis, or singing a duet from Wicked on the Ellis stage, she approaches each endeavor with intention and empathy. We know everyone she encounters on her future adventures will be changed “for good” by her presence. 

Grayson Honig
University of Rochester
Grayson sets a goal and dedicates herself fully to the end result, no matter how tedious the journey may be.  Many well-deserved accomplishments, like recognition from the Society of Women Engineers and placing first in the Governor's Cup ski competition, have come her way, and both her achievements and her humility will be part of the legacy she leaves at Ellis.

Abby Hummert
Boston University
Abby has become an essential part of the Ellis community through her stellar scholarship, humble stewardship, and loyal friendship. Her service can be felt just about everywhere: as a fellow in the writing center, vice president of Student Council, head of the Peer Tutoring Club, and leader of a committee who put together one of the most beautiful proms we’ve seen at Ellis.

Athena Iverson 
Penn State University, Behrend
Analytical, brave, and supportive, Athena hits it out of the park. A motivating leader, the yearbook mastermind, and a skilled historian, Athena’s devotion stretches to all aspects of the Ellis experience. Her voice is always a welcome addition in class, as is her encouraging “good eye” from the dugout during softball games.

Corinne Krimmel
American University
With charisma and a presence that inspires her friends and peers, this lifer was born to direct, whether on stage, on set, on the field, or in the classroom. Adept at making meaningful connections across ages, between disciplines, and among individuals, Corinne is gifted with the rare ability to grab your attention and hold on to it.

Sabrina Lateef
Wilkes University
Thoughtful, meticulously prepared, and full of deep questions and contributions in class, this lifer is a serious-minded student, but not at the expense of being a fun-loving kid. A skilled scientist and careful observer, Sabrina has a keen eye for both data and design. True to her Pittsburgh roots, Sabrina is also a bridge builder, and her next community is lucky to have her.

Kaelin Lokar
Duquesne University
To know Kaelin is to know sincere kindness and determination, whether she is choreographing the Lower School musical, performing research in the classroom, or writing about the femme fatale. A true friend and teammate, this lifer is someone you want in your corner, and we’ve certainly been grateful to have her in ours.

Sofia Mancing
University of Southern California
Talented, brilliant, and decidedly quirky, this Ellisian is a laborer of love. Be it a coat drive or a film festival, Sofia takes on projects that inspire others to follow her lead. Always precise and hardworking, it is her tireless motor for making that makes her so undeniably special.

Sophia Musahl
New York University
Quiet but mighty, Sophia always has something to express. With an eye for design, this lifer views the world in technicolor architectural landscapes that offer us a view of her perspective. Conscientious, grateful, and kind, Sophia enhances our community with her vibrant intellect and compassion.

Hannah Pretter
Northeastern University
With all of the understated elegance of a watercolor, this lifer has beautified our spaces through her artwork, writing, music, and friendship. Hannah’s discipline, curiosity, and attention to detail have made her an asset to our community in so many ways, and given her penchant for gardening, we know she will bloom as she sets down roots in Boston.

Sreethi Ramineni
Northeastern University
Empathetic, inquisitive, and kind, Sreethi speaks up for those in need and encourages all to embrace their own intersectionality. Whether leading the BIPOC affinity group, planning Culture Jam as a leader of the Student Diversity League, or spreading mental health awareness, this creative thinker challenges us to make meaningful connections and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Amelia Reines
Oberlin College
Kind, considerate, and always positive, this lifer performs with style and grace, whether she’s on the stage or in the classroom. With a senior project benefit concert to raise funds for the restoration of America's first Black opera house, Amelia uses her voice as a force for good. It’s all bel canto when our resident songstress steps into the spotlight.

Enysah Roberts
Case Western Reserve University
Co-captain of the basketball team, Black Student Union vice president, and future scientist, Enysah is a rare combination of intellect, curiosity, and drive. Never afraid to iterate an experiment or practice on the free throw line, Enysah’s determination is sure to lead her to success.

Serena Sharan
Bates College
Serena is as multifaceted as the jewels that often adorn her hair. Though not many know she races cars, this lifer is certainly known for racing through the halls with a smile on her face, braking to offer a compliment to anyone who may be in need of a lift. Serena will be missed at Ellis, but her joyful spirit will continue to remedy everyone she meets in her future.

Trinity Sims
Kent State University
Possessing an ideal combination of style and substance, Trinity is destined for the best dressed list—and so much more. Her supportive, inclusive nature has made her an indispensable leader of the Student Diversity League, Black Student Union, and Student Council, and her calm presence in these spaces has the steadfast reassurance of a warm hug.

Ray Sinclair
Gap Year
Curious, authentic, and thoughtful, Ray brings old soul insight to the world and makes sure to show love to the overlooked. A lover of botany and entomology, this loyal naturalist will tell you that sometimes we need to slow down and smell the roses.

Ella Sokulski
Bryn Mawr College
Just as she guides visitors through exhibits at the Mattress Factory, art has guided Ella through her life. An advocate for the arts and social justice, Ella encourages makers of all stripes to share their vision.  Loyal friend, compassionate classmate, and strong individual, Ella isn’t influenced by trends and chooses instead to make her own.

Lucia Soluri
Middlebury College
Whether wordsmithing an English paper, practicing her vocals, or polishing her class president speech, Lucia’s love language is language itself. Deeply interested in the execution and power of words, Lucia is well poised to articulate the nuances of human expression, and her passion charges at opponents with the precision of a carefully crafted sonnet.

Mackenzi Thompson
Bethune-Cookman University
Detail-oriented, tenacious, and resilient, Mack speaks with conviction. A skilled ceramic artist, animal welfare activist, and emerging scientist, she is just as adept with a needle tool as she is with a micropipette. Whether throwing a baby shower for the Humane Animal Rescue or channeling Jurassic Park to write her senior thesis on genetic engineering, she is a strong believer that “life finds a way.”

Asani Valentino
San Diego Circus Center
With an impressive flexibility of mind and body (you should see her acrobatics!), Asani remains rooted and steady. This sterling scholar and talented image-maker is able to wield sophisticated theories in her quest for understanding, and we know that she will climb to great heights. 

Elinor Waldron
Middlebury College
With a keen ability to discern subtle layers of meaning in a variety of forms, whether it be a Shakespeare play or a piece of art, Elinor’s love of learning is on full display no matter the task. A scholar who truly delights in the acquisition of knowledge and skill, Elinor’s time at Ellis has been marked by curiosity, enthusiasm, and kindness—and often, a little paint on her kilt.

EJ Warman
The New School
EJ’s classmates describe him as one of the “kindest” and “most authentic” people you’ll ever meet, and indeed, EJ is actively concerned with the well-being of others and his community as a whole, as evidenced by his senior project on harm reduction. EJ is the kind of collaborator who puts others in a position to succeed, whether it be on stage, on screen, or in a study group.

Parisha Wilojanapa
Tufts University
Quietly confident, kind, and immensely capable, this lifer is a well composed melody. An artist, scientist, and musician, Parisha hits the high notes. Whether writing a thesis on the healing properties of travel, sculpting in the ceramics studio, or transforming bacteria in the biology lab, she performs with a flawless work ethic, boundless curiosity, and creative problem-solving.

Zoe Woon
Bryn Mawr College
This lifer’s mind can be simultaneously sharp and relaxed, and no doubt, this is the key to her being successful in so many different areas of study. The awesome scope of Zoe’s curiosity for everything from science to music theory has truly tested the Ellis course catalog, and in a few cases, expanded its table of contents.