Developing Confident, Curious Communicators

Whenever I talk with Ellis alumnae, I ask them about the ways in which Ellis influenced them as students and what they felt were the greatest gifts they received by attending the School. Alumnae often talk about their deep friendships, their beloved teachers, and the breadth and depth of their learning experiences. Graduates almost always make a point of sharing their appreciation for the ways in which Ellis helped them develop their ability to think critically, empowered them to express themselves with confidence, and fueled their curiosity about the larger world outside of Ellis.
I see these qualities growing in our students every day, whether it be through exploratory units about ancient civilizations, rich discussions about thought-provoking literature, immersion in language studies that ask our students to imagine themselves in different parts of the world, or the extensive focus on writing that happens across the curriculum. No student graduates from Ellis without developing remarkable skills in analyzing intricate concepts and learning how to express their own complex ideas clearly and elegantly. A common story shared by recent graduates is their ease in tackling their first college writing assignments when their dorm mates from other schools are struggling to complete them.

It's student experiences like these that define our school community—and make Ellis such an exciting place to learn and grow.