A Year of Wonder at Ellis

One of my favorite hobbies is baking. Of course, I love to taste the resulting products, but what I love even more is watching ingredients meld together and evolve into something incredible that wouldn’t exist without that melding.
As I reflect on our year at Ellis, I feel that same sense of wonder about the remarkable ways in which our students—your daughters—have grown and evolved—as inquisitive learners, as caring friends, as fierce defenders of their ideas, as exuberant athletes, as creative artists and performers, as explorers of the world around them.

That growth has come, in no small part, at the hands of their remarkable teachers who, like an expert baker, have known just what ingredients to combine. They understood which problems were just the right ones to ask a student to tackle, what amazing texts or poetry or artist to study, what research projects to undertake, what physical challenges to pose, when to make time to be silly and play, when to be still and think quietly.  

As you begin your summer with your families, I hope you’ll find time to pause and reflect on the wonder of your daughter’s growth and to celebrate her just as she is. We can’t wait to have everyone back on campus at the end of the summer, and we hope the intervening weeks brings you and your girls many wonderful moments together of laughter and joy.