Harnessing the Power of Self-confidence

I believe one of the most unique and compelling aspects of the Ellis experience centers on the many ways in which girls develop confidence here. However, just as we celebrate there being no one way to be a girl at Ellis, and no one way to be successful here, growing confidence is not a “one size fits all” journey for our students.
Confidence manifests itself differently in different students, with some girls eager to express their opinions and personalities with abandon and others preferring a quieter style. In addition, as in all aspects of a student’s growth, the development of confidence is not a linear one for most students. It’s completely normal for children and adolescents to go through periods in which we can almost watch their sense of themselves blossoming by the day, and also have stages when their self-confidence can feel stalled.

Regardless of her particular trajectory, our goal is for each student to be on a journey during which she learns to harness her burgeoning confidence in constructive ways and experience the joy of using her own powers to build positive relationships and to have a positive impact on the community around her. All one needs to do to see this in action is to hear our grade 2 students explain their expertise to their families on Space Day, or watch our Middle School actors performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, or witness our Upper School young women describe their experiences representing Ellis at the national Student Diversity Leadership Conference. It’s a beauty to behold.