A Journey of Growth at Ellis

I had the wonderful experience earlier this winter of returning to Philadelphia for a second visit with our alumnae there. My first visit took place back in June 2017, one week before I was to start in my role as Head of School at Ellis. I remember returning from that June trip and telling my husband Peter that I was more excited than ever about starting at Ellis after meeting those Philadelphia alumnae.
I described the women to him as so very bright, confident without being pretentious, warm and genuine, and passionate about the many ways in which they were making a positive mark on the world.  

During these past two years at Ellis, I’ve had the joy of watching our current students grow before my very eyes, as they are traveling their own paths toward becoming similarly remarkable young women. I’ve come to believe we are unique in our ability to launch Ellis girls out into the world, ready to tussle with complicated, unanswered questions, to create new solutions to challenging problems, to use their minds and hearts to make the world a better place.