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  • The Importance of Female Friendships

    by Abby THORNTON ’16

    The Story

    It’s a rainy morning in September, you’re sitting in the senior lounge and college applications have been consuming your life since August 1. You spent most of the previous night cramming for that test you have first period, you forgot to grab your coffee on the way out the door, and 7:45 a.m. is far too early for a teenage girl to be awake.
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  • What Makes Ellis, Ellis?

    Macon Finley, Head of School
    I have quickly become very fond of my moments spent greeting girls as they arrive each morning. They are such a warm, bright, diverse bunch, and they seem to bring a great deal of joy and eagerness with them every day. The enthusiasm for learning is clearly evident at Ellis—one of the qualities of the School that makes it so special.
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  • Why Should My Daughter Go to an All-girls School?

    by The Ellis School
    Choosing a school for your daughter can be a daunting task. As a parent, you want to find a place where she’ll feel challenged and engaged—but also supported, nurtured, and comfortable as she matures. Luckily for you (and your daughter), all-girls schools provide that environment and more. At an all-girls school like Ellis, your daughter will gain the skills she needs to thrive at home, at school, and in the world. She’ll learn practical skills that will teach her to communicate effectively, problem-solve strategically, and not only set goals—but achieve them. Here are five reasons why an all-girls school is the perfect fit for your daughter.
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  • Ellis Students Compete in Canadian Crew Competition

    by Darla Jackson, Steel City Rowing Coach
    Ready to row in their double scull boat, Ellis students Abby Hong, Class of 2019, and Audrey Lyda, Class of 2021, were eager to participate with 2,293 athletes from 140 rowing clubs across the world at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta August 8-13, 2017. Their main goal was to improve their impressive results from the USRowing Youth National Rowing Championship this past June where this duo placed 9th among 150 rowing clubs competing from around the country.
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  • A New Year At Ellis

    Macon Finley, Head of School
    I am so thrilled to have met many of you and your daughters at our all school picnic yesterday, and I look forward to seeing all the students when we begin school next week.

    For many of us, these transitions are filled with anticipation and excitement, and sometimes even a few butterflies in our stomachs. That certainly has been true for me as a teacher. I like to channel the wise words of my first mentor—an exceptional teacher—who used to say that the best teachers always have trouble sleeping before the first day of school, regardless of their years of experience, because they care so much about creating exceptional learning environments for their students.  
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  • Art Studio

    My 10 Most Beloved Ellis Memories

    by Robin Newham, Head of School
    When I leave the office for the final time on June 30, I will have 36 years of memories to take with me. That includes 36 first days of school, 36 commencements, and 36 years of watching girls transform into resilient, ambitious, and adventurous young women. It includes so many Heritage Days, Holiday Bazaars, Upper School proms and dances, and celebrations of student, faculty, and institutional accomplishments. However, most importantly, my memories include 36 years full of love, laughter, and learning.
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  • Class of 2017 Appreciation

    by Abigail STUBENHOFER ’17
    The below speech was given by Student Council President Abigail STUBENHOFER ’17 at the Commencement Ceremony on June 8, 2017. 

    Good evening, everyone. Today I am honored to speak on behalf of our Ellis community. I have wanted to give this speech since the first grade, when our class was given these white graduation hats and looked at old photographs of the Ellis commencement. It is hard to believe that 12 years later I am standing here wearing one of these hats, giving this speech. I had one year to prepare for this moment but I did not anticipate just how hard it would be to say, “Goodbye. Thank you. I love you.”
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  • Class of 2017 Tribute

    by Pallavi MULUK ’17
    The below speech was given by Class President Pallavi MULUK ’17 at the Commencement Ceremony on June 8, 2017.
    In the last few months, during the mountain of reflection that college applications require and extended periods of time that a third term high school senior inevitably spends trying to avoid real responsibilities, I’ve often found myself wondering what my life would have been like if I hadn’t come to Ellis 6 years ago.
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  • From Classics to Commencement: Farewell Class of 2017

    by Ashley Dotson
    Dean of Students Ashley Dotson delivered the below speech at the Senior Luncheon on March 12, 2017 at The University Club.

    Good afternoon, seniors, sophomores, families, and faculty. It’s an honor to be here celebrating the class of 2017. I’d like to thank the seniors for inviting me to deliver the faculty address today, despite their awareness of my intense fear of public speaking. However, I suppose their choice was a natural one, given that I spent two years as their English teacher, and in my humble opinion, nothing brings people together like a rousing literary discussion.
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  • Moving onto the next chapter

    by Susan Freudenberg
    Looking back on this past year as Lower School Interim Head, my mind is flooded with tons of great memories. It’s been a very rich year full of learning and growing. I’ve enjoyed watching our youngest learners grasp the concepts upon which they will build their love of learning. I couldn’t be more proud of our Lower School girls for all of their fundraising efforts to support causes in the community. I am filled with joy when I see girls work together with their buddy class on a project and in mixed class groups most recently during our Poem in Your Pocket celebration. I’m impressed by the leadership grade 4 students have shown whether on stage as leads of the winter musical Seussical Kids or during their Capstone Wax Museum presentations.
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