Athletic Hall of Fame

In 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendment was enacted. Until that time, athletes at Ellis played opponents from fewer than ten area schools in field hockey, softball, tennis, and baseball.

Today, as a member of the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL), The Ellis Tigers are playing—and winning—at the state level under the leadership of Athletic Director Shayla Scott.

In 2000 the Ellis Athletic Hall of Fame was created by then Athletic Director Genny Kozusko. Nominees made by any Ellis graduate are welcomed and reviewed on an annual basis by the Athletic Department and the Ellis Alumnae Association. Once each year, 1-3 alumnae who were outstanding athletes are inducted into the Ellis Hall of Fame during the Ellis Reunion. This honor recognizes and thanks them for their efforts on the fields of play, by their alma mater and by every current and future Ellis athlete.
Barbara FLINN Bosse '40
Elsie YOHE Follansbee '47
Hannah BRUSH Van Horn '57
Anne RIAL Nicholas '61

Kaffie WHITE McCullough '63
Markie HUNSIKER '67
Pamela MILLER '67

Blythe JONES Lyons '73
Paula DREIBELBIS Jackson '74
Ashley MILLER '88

Beatrice W. Vasser, Ph.D.
Jettie BERGMAN Johnston '54
Martha ABRAMS Broderick '64
Eileen SCHAEFER Roger '64
Eleanor POWER Leighton '36
Sally WATERMAN Woodroofe '60


Nancy CONEY Forhan '80
Jessica WILK '85
Tracy ROUP '95

Darlynn McCLUNG Benjamin '76
Virginia BYERLY Kerr '51
Jean DAVIS Falk '56

Gretchen GANTER McCague '52
Amy SUCCOP Millin '87
Brooks W. FOLLANSBEE '83
Carrie GILMORE ‘92
Janet EDWARDS Anti '68
Courtney LOCKHART '93

Sandra GLOCK Harrington ‘59
Heather BOSSERT Cunningham ‘89
Rachel LOCKHART Stevens ’89


Wendy MYERS Heinz ’60
Louise MITINGER Torbert ‘85
Tracy JACOBS Rizzo ‘90

Virginia AHLBRANDT Warrick ‘61
Sara HARDON Aros ’86
Joan MORRIS DiMicco ’91