Best Practices


At Ellis, art is integral to a girl’s academic life. Every girl will graduate with the power to create, value, and appreciate the arts for a lifetime.

We expose students to the myriad expressions found in the worlds of dance, drama, music, and the visual arts. Girls are free to discover the depths of their own artistic abilities and develop their own voices. New ideas, subject matter, and cultures color and shape the learning landscape.

An arts education at Ellis goes beyond the studio and the stage. On-campus opportunities include Schoolwide displays, portfolio exhibitions, performances in the School and in the community, and visits by practicing artists. Off-site studio visits, exhibition opportunities, and field trips to local and regional visual and performing art spaces enhance the learning experience even further.

Our sequential and thoughtfully designed program helps girls mature as artists, performers, and visual thinkers. And who better to learn from than real artists? Our faculty brings authentic, real-life experience to the classroom and the stage—giving students endless inspiration to draw upon.

At Ellis, students learn that all the world is a stage—that the arts are a dominant force in life, shaping and reflecting the values of society. By connecting with the arts of other cultures, Ellis artists gain a respect for diversity.

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