Mission & Vision, Values

MISSION: The mission of The Ellis School is to prepare, empower, and inspire each and every girl through an excellent education in an all-girls environment.

VISION: Our vision is to be a leading school for girls, providing an excellent education for every student and continuing to innovate so each girl thrives in school and excels in life.

Our Values

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  • All-Girls Education

    The all-girls educational environment maximizes girls’ intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. Girls are empowered to take risks, work collaboratively, ask questions, and pursue their dreams.
  • Balance and Wellness

    We seek intellectual, emotional, and physical health for every member of our community. We set priorities and pursue our desire for achievement in a balanced way.
  • Citizenship and Integrity

    We work to make a difference in the world. Our relationships are collaborative and responsible, and through our interactions we demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect.
  • Diversity

    We pursue, support, and embrace diversity of all kinds, recognizing the collective strength derived from our individual differences.
  • Fun

    Joyfulness and appreciation of one another are fundamental to our School community. We make time for social interaction and fun.
  • Innovation and Excellence

    As individuals and as a community, we embrace change, pursue new opportunities, and seek continuous improvement.
  • Leadership and Individual Potential

    We know and nurture every girl through her individual journey. We provide each girl with the support she needs to know herself, to pursue excellence, and to reach her potential, both as a student and as a citizen.
  • Outstanding Academics and Teaching

    Our academic program is rigorous, engaging, and forward-thinking. Our faculty promotes critical thinking and creativity, and inspires girls to reach their full academic potential.