Students Raise Over $5,100 for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Following the tragedy at the Tree of Life Congregation this fall, the Class of 2019 wasted no time springing into action and mobilizing their collective talents to support their community. Seniors Sydne' Ballengee and Katharine Ference designed a t-shirt and sold it to support HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, just a day after the tragedy. They chose to support HIAS because of their dedication to fighting anti-Semitism and helping refugees.
Katharine designed four different logo ideas before her and Sydne' decided on one that said “Love Can Conquer Everything” on the back with the date of the incident on the front. “We wanted to do something that would make a statement and lift everyone’s spirits,” said Katharine. “We purposely brought it to the Ellis community because Ellis is our place,” added Sydne'.

After just three weeks, over 275 shirts were sold and the girls raised over $5,100 for HIAS. “We were only expecting to raise a few hundred dollars, but we ended up raising over $5,000,” said Sydne'. “It was really inspiring to see how far it reached outside of Ellis—friends of ours bought shirts for their families living out of state and students at Chatham University have been wearing them.”

“The whole process showed us how powerful community can be when you lean on each other to make things happen,” Katharine added. “The act of creating and selling the tees brought the seniors together toward a common goal. We wanted to make something for students to wear and feel proud of and I think we did just that.”