28 Students Inducted Into Language National Honor Societies

Twenty-eight Upper School students have been inducted into National Honor Societies for world languages. Ten students were inducted into Société Honoraire de Français, nine students were inducted into Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, and nine students were inducted into the National Latin Honor Society.
In order for students to be inducted, they must have an A- average in the language through level two, a good standing in their other classes, and show a continued enthusiasm for learning the language. 

National Latin Honor Society
Adah Brownlee
Rowan Cain
Abby Fȁgersten
Grayson Honig
Abby Hummert
Ada Perlman
Enysah Roberts
Andreína Taylor
Parisha Wilojanapa

Société Honoraire de Français
Sara Ali
Ilona Bender
Viola Haggerty
Sabrina Lateef
Kaelin Lokar
Meghan McNabb
Sophia Musahl
Lucia Soluri
Zoe Woon
Hannah Pretter

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica
Radhika Bhargava
Grace Boyer
Ellie Gaddess
Sofia Mancing
Claudia McElhattan
Sreethi Ramineni
Talia Rosen
Mackenzi Thompson
Elinor Waldron

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