Students Recognized at State PJAS Competition

Eight Middle and Upper School students took top awards in the statewide Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) Competition at Penn State University on May 20. Under the guidance of Upper School Chemistry Teacher and Faculty Advisor Erica Holtgraver, students tussled with complicated problems, troubleshot possible solutions, and analyzed data to support their conclusions before presenting their final projects at Penn State. In addition to first and second place finishes, several students received perfect scores and earned additional special awards of merit as well.
Viola Haggerty, Class of 2023, was nominated for the Broadcom Masters program, an initiative that inspires Middle School students to pursue STEM fields and recognizes their achievements in 21st century skills including critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaborative skills and team work. Eleanor Barth Wu was honored with the Senior Division Student Carnegie Science Award for her project, “Formaldehyde Production During E-Liquid Degradation.” And Shivani Watson, Class of 2022, will go on to present her project , “Biosensor Detecting Level of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds" at the 23rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference and the 9th Annual International Conference on Green & Sustainable Chemistry in Reston, Virginia, this summer.

Middle School
Sarah Ali, Class of 2023: "Naturally occurring Antibacterial Agents vs. E.coli" - 1st Place Award
Viola Haggerty, Class of 2023: "How Does Temperature Affect Bacterial Growth" 2nd Place Award

Upper School
Eleanor Barth Wu, Class of 2022: "E-Liquid Degradation and Formaldehyde Production" 1st Place Award, Perfect Score
Meghan McNabb, Class of 2022: "Changing Amounts of Vitamin C in Ripening Red Bell Peppers" - 1st Place Award
Shivani Nangia, Class of 2022: "Natural and Synthetic Antibacterial Agents vs. Staph" - 1st Place Award, Perfect Score
Erika Rispoli, Class of 2022: "The Effect of Various Geometric Scaffolds on Bone Growth" 1st Place Award
Shivani Watson, Class of 2022: "Biosensor Detecting Level of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds" 1st Place Award
Sami Silk, Class of 2023: "Adolescents vs Children: Attention during Social Interaction" - 1st Place Award