Senior Awarded Scholarships for Excellence in Architecture

Lauren Jasper, Class of 2019, has been awarded two scholarships from the ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) Mentor Program of America in honor of her exemplary participation in the program and outstanding future potential. A member of ACE since 2015, Lauren’s artistic ability and eye for architectural design has been recognized in the form of a $5,000 ACE Western Pennsylvania Scholarship and a $10,000 ACE National CMiC Scholarship.
Of over 9,000 student participants in ACE, Lauren was just one of 25 to be honored with the national CMiC-Allen Berg Memorial Scholarship, a prize awarded to the most talented and promising of ACE members. The ACE Mentor Program supports students interested in pursuing design, construction, and engineering careers through mentorship, real-world opportunities, and financial assistance in the form of scholarships to support each student’s continued success after high school.

Anastasia Herk, Lead Mentor and Executive Director on the Board of Trustees for the Pittsburgh chapter of ACE, shared, “each year the mentors could see Lauren’s passion for architecture grow. She has a calm, intelligent and practical approach in design groups. She is never afraid to ask a question in pursuit of learning more about the industry. I look forward to seeing Lauren flourish in our industry and working with her in the future as a peer. We would love to have more students from The Ellis School as a part of ACE in the years to come."

Lauren has developed her passion for architecture not only in ACE, but in Ellis’ visual arts and STEM programs—bolstering her knowledge base of scale, space, and design in engineering, art, mathematics, and computer science classes. In Introduction to Engineering Design, a required course for all grade 11 students, Lauren had firsthand experience partnering with a design client and created prototypes, products, and plans that met their needs. She also had the opportunity to teach an architectural design mini-course and create and lead the Design Club at Ellis.

Because of Ellis, I am not afraid to ask questions and build close connections with my teachers. At ACE, these skills have helped me build relationships with mentors and be a more confident student,” said Lauren. "In the architecture field only 0.4% of licensed architects are black women like me, and their work often is overshadowed or goes unnoticed. Being recognized with these scholarships tells me that my work with ACE is being noticed and is important, and gives me confidence to go into architecture and continue working hard.”