Seniors Participate in National Signing Day

Three varsity student-athletes participated in National Signing Day and signed their letters of intent to play college sports. Katharine Ference committed to Haverford College to play lacrosse, Rebecca Rust committed to the University of Rochester to play soccer, and Leah Ewers committed to Wesleyan University to play field hockey.
Speaking about both Leah and Kat, Ellis Field Hockey Coach Amanda Rose said, “Transitioning from being a team member to leading a team is one of the most defining moments for an athlete on a high school and soon to be college team. You go from playing one position, with one job, to being the driving force that pushes everyone to dig a little deeper and see that end goal. Both Leah and Kat understand this responsibility, the drive, grit, determination, and the heart required of an athlete. They have each transformed this past year into such a force not only athletically, but academically as well, embodying the real meaning of a student-athlete. Both Leah and Kat lead by example and are genuine role models to their teammates and to Ellis.”

Varsity Soccer Coach Tim Howard added kind words about Becca Rust, “The passion that Becca played with during this season’s games motivated her teammates to ask more of themselves on the field. She kept us alive in many scenarios with her stellar performances. Her presence will be greatly missed next year, not only because of her exceptional talent but also because she is a truly upstanding, kind human being. Becca's teammates are lucky to have experienced her leadership and influence. I know that the University of Rochester will be grateful to have her on the team.”

As part of nearly eight million students who participate in high school athletics, these three student-athletes will join a much smaller subset of that group. Nationally, only around seven percent of high school athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level. Please join us in congratulating these Ellis Tigers!