Class of 2022 Spotlight

The Class of 2022 is made up of 35 students who have navigated their time at Ellis with resilience and grace. They have enriched the School’s theater productions, athletic teams, academic classrooms, art studios, and DEI efforts with their positive spirit, rising to face challenges with empathy, strength, and good humor. The class includes 11 lifers—some of whom were among Ellis’ very first pre-kindergarten Cubs—and their paths beyond Ellis will take them to 32 distinct higher education institutions in 17 different states. But no matter when their Ellis journey began or where their next chapters will unfold, each of these bold, authentic, and vibrant changemakers have made our school community a better, brighter place and are sure to continue shining wherever their adventures may lead them.
Hannah Anderson-Brownlee
Carleton College
Guided by a strong sense of self and the clarity of vision that are the hallmarks of any skilled diplomat, Hannah has brought calm pragmatism to many corners of the Upper School. Whether offering sage advice to a friend or seamlessly managing an Ellis theater production, she greets all that comes her way with poise and practicality.
Anjali Angal 
University of Pittsburgh
Compassionate, kind, and perceptive, Anjali has a poise and presence that is always felt in the classroom. A committed and loyal friend, as well as a voracious reader and talented artist, she reflects her vibrant Puerto Rican heritage through her writing and expressive artwork. 

Elaini Asamere
Emory University
A talented photographer with an eye for style and substance, Elaini has helped us to see both our strengths and our challenges. Working with the Student Diversity League to guide us on our journey to become a more inclusive and connected community, Elaini has contributed dynamic academic and artistic endeavors, making our space more thoughtful, inquisitive, and beautiful. 
Anna Balich 
Point Park University
Comfortable on stage in any role, Anna uses her voice to lead, comfort, entertain, and, occasionally, offer a great Netflix recommendation. Conducting community homerooms with the ease of any veteran talk show host, she expertly wields the microphone with concern and care for those around her, celebrating the victories great and small of all in her company. 
Elizabeth Balich 
University of Pittsburgh
Always willing to participate in discussions and share her opinion, Liz is sure to be dynamic and memorable in any classroom. As optimistic and gregarious as can be, Liz goes out of her way to be a friend to all. A devoted student council member, Liz is committed to ensuring that every student is heard and represented at Ellis.
Eleanor Barth Wu
Brown University
Analytical, yet creative; confident yet humble; determined, yet optimistic, Eleanor provides inspiration on how to live a meaningful, purpose-filled life. Her positive influence comes in many forms: organizing Food Lab Club demonstrations, serving as soccer team captain, winning first place at PJAS competitions, and telling jokes in homeroom.
Radhika Bhargava
American University
An inquisitive researcher, a courageous writer, and a member of the Ellis Honor Council, Radhika could teach us all a thing or two about perseverance. Eager to debate anyone about any subject, this lifer is a true scholar who thinks globally, and she has the power to change minds and get things done. 
Grace Braham
Colgate University
Devoted athlete, dedicated scholar, and benevolent older sister, Grace supports those around her and is willing to challenge herself and her beliefs. A steadfast lifer, Grace’s commitment to the team—be it soccer, lacrosse, or the annual advisory Halloween costume contest—is strong, as is her concern for what is just.
Molly Brenner
High Point University
Steering the yearbook through challenging times, this lifer has sacrificed her Saturdays to serve the Class of 2022 in a way that few others would dare to take on. One of the first Pre-K Cubs, she brings enthusiasm and heart to everything she does, whether she is writing an essay or dribbling across the court. 
Mia Cirilano
Emory University
Facing the challenge of climate change, some may turn to hopelessness—but not Mia. Devoted to environmental protection, Mia has sought to tackle the crisis head-on and speaks up for what cannot speak for itself. A talented photographer and insightful writer, she captures the images that make us stop to think. 
Moira Connell
University of Pennsylvania
Moira’s determination to promote debate at Ellis is but one example of her extraordinary drive. She has received local and national awards for her speech and writing, often focusing on her ardent quest for social justice. As an artist, she responds to the world around her with incredible technical skill, and the Ellis swim team knows no more passionate advocate.

Vivian Davison
Duquesne University
Whether on the field, on the slopes, or on TikTok, Vivian moves through the world with laid-back style. This lifer always finds her way, in large part due to her optimistic determination to make the best of any situation. Vivian’s sense of humor and cool confidence will serve her well in whatever awaits her.

Jacqueline DeWitt
University of Maryland
Independent and outspoken, Jackie exudes a spirited enthusiasm for a diverse array of topics, ranging from mental health advocacy to Harry Potter fan fiction. Whether in the classroom or on the stage, Jackie does not hesitate to share her voice and always remains authentic.

Annelise Hammer
Elon University
Dedicated to her studies and the greater community, Annelise shines at Ellis and beyond. Incredibly prepared and engaged, she’s always willing to jump into conversation and assist her classmates. Beyond the classroom, you can find her on the softball field, serving as the Pre-med Club co-president, or connecting with prospective families as a Touring Tiger.

Hadley Kalson
University of Vermont
Curious, creative, and a fierce advocate for other Ellis students, Hadley is an artist, scholar, and athlete who knows how to keep it real. Always ready to speak up–or sing an original song at Ellis Idol– to ensure that all voices are heard, this lifer has helped to guide other students on their paths towards being authentically themselves.

Kris Kaminski
Rochester Institute of Technology
Green means go, and this student has certainly gone for it. Whether creating characters and stagecraft for Venus Flytrap, developing the role of God in Everybody, creating artwork that challenges long-held beliefs, or speaking out for the acknowledgment of socioeconomic differences, Kris uses their voice in myriad ways.

Katherine Koeppl
College of Wooster
With humor, joy, and endless positivity, Katie is a star in any classroom. As a scholar, athlete, short-story writer, and captain of the basketball team, Katie is a rare combination of intellect, curiosity, and kindness, and she brings both grace and conviction to everything she does.

Georgia Lampenfeld
Duquesne University
This talented scholar and softball player is full of surprises. From weaving traditional palm mats to editing the yearbook, Georgia takes on every new challenge with good humor, humility, and grace. No matter what, she embraces the details and is eager to share her passions. We’ll have Georgia on our minds long after she leaves Ellis.

Isabella Lyda
Michigan State University
Bella is likely to be found in the athletic office, where, as a four-year tri-athlete with contributions to soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, she feels right at home. A strong individualist who also knows the importance of friendship and loyalty, this lifer has passed through Ellis’ three divisions with a spirit of self-reliance.

Claudia McElhattan
Scripps College
Claudia supports her peers in and out of the classroom with authenticity and empathy. Cited by her classmates as an important and kind ear, she listens keenly and speaks out with intention. Claudia comes from a long line of devoted educators, and it shows.

Meghan McNabb
Seton Hill University
Independent and tenacious, Meghan pursues countless interests with steadfast devotion. Whether completing dissections in Anatomy, writing restaurant reviews for the Ellisian Journal, arranging autism awareness workshops, or organizing meetings for the Slavic Language & Culture Club, Meghan possesses a remarkable curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Jordan Merkel
University of Central Florida
Equestrian, vocalist, gamer—these are just three terms one could use to describe this multi-talented student. A lifer with a heart of gold, Jordan has countless times offered an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on, and anyone with their own ears has had the privilege of listening to her sing out with the Glee Club for all four years of her Upper School career.

Shivani Nangia
Georgetown University
Bringing a seriousness of purpose and a joy for learning to all she does, this lifer excels because of her authentic desire to know and understand how things work. Shivani’s natural curiosity leads to thoughtful questions, deep exploration, and, ultimately, great discovery.

Ada Perlman
Yale University
As an activist and writer, a uniter not a divider, this forthright champion of empathy has left her imprint on our community. A devoted Ellisian Journal editor, camp counselor, and political campaign volunteer, Ada brings her compassionate worldview to everything, from her care for the Jewish community to her four-year tenure with the Glee Club.

Ella Rath
College of the Atlantic
An avid rock climber, this creative, witty, and independent-minded scholar may be more comfortable up in the air than on the ground. Ella is thoughtful, curious, and kind, with a calming presence and easygoing nature. A fierce advocate for the environment, a talented short-story writer, and a loyal friend, this lifer is ready to take on any challenge.

Erika Rispoli
Duke University
Artist, scientist, writer, and athlete, Erika does everything with kindness and compassion— not to mention excellence. Her PJAS projects are so complex that science teachers have to study up just to know what she is working on. In the classroom, she speaks with a gentle voice, but on the page, she is loud and clear.

Talia Rosen
Tufts University
From Friendship Circle, to Hello Neighbor, to Ellis’ Upper School, Talia’s magnanimous leadership never fails to result in progress and positivity. She has spent her time at Ellis making sure that her friends and teachers know how much she appreciates them, and for that, we are equally appreciative of her.

Kyra Simmons
University of Rochester
An independent thinker with a courageous spirit, Kyra is the sort of student a teacher loves to see on their roster. Creative, compassionate, and insightful, Kyra probes beneath the surface and never settles for easy answers. She is fearless on the softball field and in the biology lab, and she bravely stands up for what’s right.

Steph Somlo
Carnegie Mellon University
A skilled mathematician, an accomplished swimmer, and a talented artist, this lifer and one of the first Pre-K Cubs is eager to tackle the most difficult creative and intellectual challenges. Always ready to engage in respectful debate with a peer or a teacher, Steph is a well-read scholar who can engineer a solution to any problem.

Andreína Taylor
Cornell University
Don’t let Andreína’s soft delivery and gentle approach fool you. Behind that is a strong sister, daughter, and friend giving voice to powerful ideas. Proud of her Venezuelan heritage, Andreína shares her knowledge of a world far beyond the walls of Ellis. Her real life experiences and curiosity make her uniquely positioned to see nuance and complexity.

Jenna Trent
University of Virginia
With an undeniable work ethic and a caring nature, Jenna has put her talents to work as a health equity advocate, a gifted photographer and dancer, and a dedicated and diligent scientist. This lifer’s recent recognition as an emerging epidemiologist is likely the first of many achievements she’ll garner in the field of public health.

Alexzandra Warren
Hampton University
Alex’s legacy will surely include her roles as co-president of the Black Student Union and Student Diversity League, four-year Student Council representative, and basketball team captain. Perhaps most importantly, though, we’ll remember Alex for her willingness to speak truth to power and to shine a light on areas of our community that are sometimes overlooked.

Celina Whitmer
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Since joining the Class of 2022 midway through sophomore year, Celina has been a beacon of light in the Ellis community. This ambitious robotics competitor and budding engineer brings joy and laughter to the classroom, along with intellectual drive and curiosity.

Chapin Wilson
Northeastern University
Chapin is a lifer who has been true to herself since she was a member of the first Pre-K Cubs class. The soccer and lacrosse teams have benefited from Chapin’s skills and leadership, and Upper School teachers praise her sophistication and insight in any class discussion.

Maya Winter
Vassar College
A dedicated scholar, accomplished musician, and talented athlete, Maya knows that practice is key to success. When she sets her mind to something, she laces up her boots, creates a schedule, and sticks to it, calmly and diligently working towards her goal. An old soul with a kind heart and a mind for justice, Maya’s already thinking about law school.