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  • Lucy Fato '84

    Ellis alumna makes WSJ headlines as "problem solver"

    Kudos to Ellis alumna Lucy Fato '84. She made headlines again in the Wall Street Journal, this time for her quick and thorough work resolving a significant legal dispute on behalf of McGraw Hill Financial Inc., where she was named general counsel over the summer. The February 3 WSJ article stated that, "Barely six months into her tenure, the 48-year-old Ms. Fato already has resolved a major legal headache for her new employer as lead negotiator on a $1.5 billion settlement with the Justice Department announced Tuesday."
  • Tinker Squads: A pilot program at Ellis

    The Learning Innovation Institute at The Ellis School, with a HIVE Grant from The Sprout Fund, partnered with regional connected learning organizations to develop and run Tinker Squads, a pilot program to foster engineering skills in girls ages 10 to 13. Tinker Squads met at schools and community centers from September to January and encouraged girls to develop design thinking, tinkering, and making skills. The program, which concluded with a Tinker Meet in January 2014, was so popular that it will run as an Ellis summer camp program.
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